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November 12, 2008

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Kotobukiya 1/72 Jigabachi AV ~ In Box Preview by Padawan v2.5

For those of you who many not have been bitten by the anime bug yet, this is a Jigabachi attack helicopter from the series Ghost in the Shell: Second Gig. The series is set only a few decades in the future. Therefore, the Jigabachi is mid-21st century Japan’s answer to the AH-64 Apache. Its design, like many by the artistic team, is heavily influenced by the natural world. It is essentially a mechanical hornet. It is equipped with all the heavy missiles and rockets you would expect, plus a huge articulated gatling gun mounted in its “abdomen”. The Jigabachi is typically manned by a pilot who sits inside a windowless cockpit in the head of the craft. However, an unmanned version controlled by an onboard AI system was also featured in the series.

Box Art


What You Get




Assembly guide

Color guide


The first thing you notice about the model is the degree of options the modeler is given. The model features an articulated abdomen, which drops down when the gatling gun is used. It can be built with landing gear up or down. An in-flight display is made all the easier by a display stand with a fully adjustable mounting arm. A 1/72nd model of a Tachikoma (think little autonomous spider tank with a cute disposition) is also included, opening up the possibility of a diorama depicting one of the series most exciting chases.
Like many Japanese kits, poly caps are included to ensure all points of articulation will work smoothly and repeatedly, without loosing their grip. The panel lines are recessed, but seem too big for a kit in 1/72nd. Additionally, the kits engineers seem to have been working towards a part number quota, there are an awful lot of parts for such a small subject, making assembly a bit daunting. The instruction sheet is primarily in Japanese, but the pictographic assembly steps are very clear and the painting instructions are in full color, making the language barrier inconsequential. There are no visible markings on the craft, so no decal sheet is necessary. But a version in JASDF markings would make a cool “What If” subject.
All things considered, I think this is a very good kit of an eye-catching subject. I am glad that Kotobukiya put this kit into production. Normally subjects with such limited screen time don’t get to see the inside of a model box.


Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
What you get: 4 sprues of light gray plastic, 2 sprues dark gray, 1 sprue blue, 1 sprue polycaps, 170 parts total, articulated display base, four color instruction sheet.
Price: Free (Thanks Jeff). The rest of you pay $27.
Molding Quality: Very good. No flash, no short shots.
Detail: Good. Panel lines are a bit wide for the scale.
Accuracy: s accurate as a model of an anime subject is likely to get.
Pros: Very nice kit of a strange subject. Can be built on the ground, in cruise, or with the stinger deployed in attack position. The addition of a Tachikoma in scale is a nice touch.
Cons: Panel lines are a little exaggerated, and the kit seems over engineered, the same job could have been done with a third fewer parts.


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